Preschool 1

Participants work towards basic skills including body positions, blowing bubbles, submerging, floating, kicking and arm action and jumping all done with support.

Preschool 2

Prerequisite:  Child must be able to perform 5 rhythmic bobs and comfortable with submerging.  Continues to reinforce basic skills but with little or no assistance. Emphasis is placed on floating, arm and leg action and an introduction to rhythmic breathing.  

​Preschool 3

Prerequisites:  Must have successfully completed Preschool I and II.  Must be able to swim one length of therapy pool unassisted. Class will work on the skills necessary to enter into the ARC Level classes.  Skills include independent floating and front and back crawl strokes.  Class will begin in the therapy pool and progress towards lessons in the lap pool to prepare children for the next level of classes.