Musical Theater

musical theater-1 2016-08-21
Musical Theater Experiences, now in it's 19th year, offers children the opportunity to learn and then perform for family and friends, an age appropriate version of original and well known musicals.  Emphasis is on building self-confidence and self esteem.  No auditions or experience is necessary and everyone gets a part, along with singing and dancing.  A basic costume of plain, white top with black leggings and shoes appropriate for dancing is all that is needed from home.  We supply all the costumes at no extra fee.Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer sessions are available.

Registration Date SPRING/SUMMER 2019

Please note the UPDATE registration date for the spring and summer Musical Theater Experience programs. Both spring and summer programs will open for registration on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH AT 7:30AM.

You can register online, in person, or over the phone at 978-287-1050. Please note that the spring sessions are very popular and will most likely sell out in several minutes!