Aston Kinetics Fitness for Living

Aston Kinetics engages your body awareness while you stretch, loosen, and build strength to promote balanced tone throughout your body. Learning Aston Kinetics principles and a new way of moving will reduce repetitive wear and tear on your joints and decrease your risk of injury. You will learn movement designs that enable postural change and more optimal use of your body, allowing you to increase your fitness during everyday activities such as working on a computer, walking, and performing daily tasks.  During each class learn exercises while lying, sitting, and standing. Begin by using the weight of your limbs and then add the additional resistance of weights and stretch bands. Learn to recycle gravity to work with you to reduce undue effort and increase healthy tone and overall fitness.  Wear clothing that is comfortable to move in while sitting, lying, and standing. Bring a bath towel, a bed pillow, and a yoga mat.

Class Length: 1 hour
Location: Beede Studio
Min/Max: 4/8
Age: 14+
Instructor: Shirley Lynch Scarlett

Winter 2020

Winter 1/15-3/4 Wednesday 9:15-10:15am $104 $120
Spring 4/1-5/27* Wednesday 9:15-10:15am $104 $120

*No class 4/22