Puppy Training


Create the dog of your dreams! This is a four week class for puppies under four months of age on the first day of class. This is a life preparation class designed to teach puppy guardians how to address everyday situations now so to prevent behavior problems later. Learn exactly how to respond to puppy nipping, jumping, inability to be left alone, fearfulness, etc.

Please bring your puppy, puppy food and treats and proof of vaccinations to the first class. If you have any questions, please visit www.cooperativedog.com

Class Length: 50 Minutes
Location: Ripley Gym 
Min/Max: 4/10
Ages: All
Instructor: Vera Wilkinson of The Cooperative Dog

WINTER SESSION: January 28th-February 25th 

 6:00-6:50PM  W 1/28-2/25 421215-W1  $145.00