LEGO Civics: Business

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Presented by Right Brain Curriculum. In this class, students create the downtown Main Street of a Lego City as each student constructs a business of their own design. They learn about profits, budgets, taxes, insurance and marketing as students design their own company and storefront. They must create their own marketing campaign and advertise to the other members of the city. 

They learn about fire, flood and disaster insurance and must decide whether it is worth spending on insurance for their own business. The business owners also meet as a city council and debate issues that could affect the city's business environment from parking meters to taxes to health care for workers to environmental regulations. Students must balance the interests of their businesses with the greater good of their city. A fun and engaging way to learn about economics!

Class Length: 5 hours
Location: 105 Everett Street
Min/Max: 8/12
Grades: 2-5