Adaptive Recreation


inclusion logo transparent

We welcome kids and adults of all ages and abilities to participate in any of our Concord Recreation programs.  To help visually identify programs that are specifically designed for participants with disabilities, please look for this inclusion logo throughout the brochure.

1)    As a Department, we support the reverse inclusion model. If a program is notated as an adaptive program, we still welcome participants WITHOUT disabilities to participate. Siblings, aides and classmates welcome!

2)    As a Department, we acknowledge that the experience that takes place within these identified classes are open to different learning styles and accommodations.  These classes will typically have fewer participants, more breaks, and visual schedules, when possible.

3)   As a Department, we want parents to be proactive in identifying that their child may need extra help. To assure we are prepared to work with your child, you will be asked to fill out an intake assessment.  

For questions, adaptations, and accommodations, please contact DJ Fimiani, Assistant Recreation Director, at 978-287-1053 or